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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help and answer your most important questions concerning our online video converter

Is your service free?

Yes,our conversion tool is completely free and server based so you can convert unlimited videos.

Do you obtain the legal right of my file when I use your service?

Absolutely not. We do not intend to have the legal right on your files. In addition, all user files are deleted after a short period of time. In other words, you still own your work you have uploaded and converted. We don't own or have exclusive rights to your content.

Is it possible to download the converted audio/video file from

After the conversion process, press the Download button on the same page and the online video converter will instantly download the desired file to your device.

How can I make sure to get the emails you send me?

To prevent spam emails in the users inbox, email providers have developed different algorithms to classify an email as spam or ham. Normally, emails from are not classified as spam, because we never send unwanted emails. But some email providers have algorithms that seem to need some more fine tuning.

Why do i get a 'Conversion server is currently not available, please try again later!' error?

We are permanently working to improve our server infrastructure, but sometimes downtimes are not avoidable. We are sorry for this, just try it again a few hours later.

Why do I need to convert a video file and which format to choose?

Some video formats are best when working with editing software and not all formats are compatible with every device out there. When choosing a format for your video, you should think about your end goal. What do you want to do with the video? The answers can vary from editing the file, putting it on a website, share it on an online video platform, watch it on a TV or computer screen, etc.

Can I convert and download videos from any website?

For the moment, the only websites you can convert and download video and audio files from on are the popular YouTube platforms.

What browsers work best?

ConvertVideo converter works on any browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera as well as mobile browsers.

Can i use ConvertVideo on my smartphone?

Yes you can convert videos by using your browser.

The conversion does not work!

In case your downloading has stopped or does not work,try to convert again and you won’t have the problem

Is it legal to convert videos from youtube?

Yes,we are completely legal,you can convert unlimited videos.

The converter lets me suddenly download a zip file

If the conversion process outputs more than one file (e.g. you have converted a PSD file with layers to JPEG), all created files will be compressed into one file and offered in one download. You can uncompress this file e.g. with 7 ZIP.

Is there a limit to the number of files I can convert?

There's no limit to the number of files you can convert.

Does your service only support YouTube?

At this time we are compatible only with YouTube.